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The department library started functioning in 1971. The library maintains and develops research-level collections and services to support the teaching, research, and learning needs of the department. The collection covers all areas of Physics - Nuclear Physics, Astro Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Solid State Physics, Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Spectroscopy, Particle Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Computer Science, Nano Science, etc.
The library is fully automated using open-source library management software KOHA.
An Overview of Physics library
Sl No             Title  Count
1 Total books   6807
2 No. of Titles 2863
3 Reference books 771
4 Gifted books 372
5 Ph.D. Theses 104
6 M.Phil Dissertations 43
7 M.Sc Project Reports       91
An overview of Radiation Physics Library
Sl No              Title Count
1 Radiation Physics  411
2 M.Sc Project Reports     55
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