Updated Research Papers for the last five years


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  2. Defect-induced Sr1− xPrxTiO3 crystallites by burial sintering and its optoelectronic applications, by Midhun Shah, Jamshina Sanam, P. P. Pradyumnan, in Journal of Physics and Chemistry of solids, 2023,  181, 111156 
  3. α and 2α decay of nuclei in the region 94  Z  101 using the modified generalized liquid drop model, Megha Chandran and Santhosh K. P., PHYSICAL REVIEW C 107, 024614 (2023)
  4. Synthesis of superheavy elements, K Pradeep Kumar and K. P. Santhosh, Pramana – J. Phys. (2023) 97:47
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  7. Does i-process occur at nearly solar metallicity?, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2023,  Drisya Karinkuzhi, Sophie Van Eck, Stephane Goriely, Lionel Siess, Alain Jorissen, Arthur Choplin, Ana Escorza, Shreeya Shetye, Hans Van Winkel
  8. A neutron star candidate in the long-period binary 56 Uma, Ast ronomy and Astrophysics Letters, 2023, 670,  140, by Ana Escorza, Drisya Karinkuzhi, Alain Jorissen, Sophie Van Eck, Schmelz, J. T., Verschuur, G. L., Henri Boffin, M. J., De Rosa, R. J., Hans Van Winckel

  9. Raman structural transition studies and optical band calculation on the multiphase of tin selenides, T. Parvathy, K.V. Nabeela, P.P. Pradyumnan, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 301 (2023), 127622
  10. Magneto thermoelectric effect of nickel thin film synthesized by RF magnetron sputtering, Midhun Shah, A. P. Jemshihas,  P. K. Jamshina Sanam, and P. P. Pradyumnan, Physica E 147 (2023) 115591
  11. Deep tuning of Bi2Te3 nanostructures suitable for thermoelectric waste heat recovery: The impact of pH on crystal growth in hydrothermal synthesis, Shyni P and P. P Pradyumnan, Materials Science and Engineering B 287 (2023) 116090


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