Prof. Dr. M M Musthafa
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Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph. D. (1997) in Experimental Nuclear Physics from A.M.U. Aligarh.
  • M. Phil. (1993) in Nuclear Physics from A.M.U.Aligarh.
  • M. Sc. (1992) in Nuclear Physics from A.M.U.Aligarh.

Research Interests:

  • Nuclear Reactions at low and medium energies, Isotope production, Radiation detectors.
  • Applied Radiations- Effect of radiation on Electronic Devices, Radiation Dosimetry, Photo-neutron dosimetry

Academic and Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Director of Planning, University of Calicut.
  • Radiation Safety Officer, University of Calicut.
  • Chairman, P.G. Board of Studies, (Medical) Radiation Physics, University of Calicut 2013-2021.
  • Member, Academic Council, University of Calicut 2015-17
  • Member, Governing Council, Farook College (Autonomous)
  • Member, Academic Council, MES Mampad College (Autonomous)
  • Coordinator, M.Sc. Radiation Physics, University of Calicut 2002 –onwards
  • Warden. Boys hostel, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba, 1996-98
  • Subject expert for in various research, academic and admisinstrative committee within the university and outside the university
  • Resource person for academic programmes
  • Member board of PG and research examiners of various Universities
  • Mentor for various students' actitvities under

Academic Positions Held:

  1. Professor, Department of Physics, University of Calicut (Since April 2011).
  2. Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Calicut (April 2008 – April 2011).
  3. Reader, Department of Physics, University of Calicut (April 2005 – April 2008).
  4. Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Calicut (March 1999 – April 2005).
  5. Lecturer, Department of Physics, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba (January 1996 - March 1999).
  6. Part-time Guest Teacher, Senior Secondary School, Aligarh Muslim University (1993-1994).

Recent Publications:

For a complete list of Publications, please visit the Google Scholar page 

  1. Cyriac, S.L., Bindhu, B., Midhun, C.V., M.M.Musthafa Emerging Trends in Nano Structured Silicon Detectors for Neutron Spectroscopy, Silicon (2021).
  2. Vysakh R, Musthafa Mohamed, Midhun C V, Niyas Puzhakkal, Anjana P T, Krishnan M P Arun, Ranjith C P, Irfad M P, Ganapathi Raman R, Experimental determination of thermal neutron fluence around Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator for various photon energies, Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 6(5), 055018 (2020).
  3. Salma Ibrahim R V, Musthafa M M, Midhun C V Swapna Lily Cyriac and Sajeev S, Measurement and analysis of photonuclear reactions on thick target samples of biological importance, Indian Journal of Pure and applied Physics 58, 404 (2020).
  4. Swapna Lilly Cyriac, B Bindhu, C V Midhun, M M Musthafa, Silicon based nano-sensors for neutron dosimetry: proof of concept, Materials Today: Proceedings33, 2293 (2020).
  5. P. T. M. Shan, M. M. Musthafa, T. Najmunnisa, P. Mohamed Aslam, K. K. Rajesh, K. Hajara, P. Surendran , J. P. Nair , Anil Shanbagh , S. S. Ghugre, Systematic study on some isotopes of medical and industrial applications, produced in proton induced reaction on natural cadmium, European Physical Journal Plus 135, 385 (2020).
  6. K R Rajesh, R. Ganapathiraman, M. M. Musthafa, C V Midhun and N Joseph, A passive method for absolute dose evaluation of photoneutrons in radiotherapy, International Journal of Radiation Research 18(1), 173-178 (2020).
  7. C V Midhun, M M Musthafa, Shaima Akbar, Swapna Lilly Cyriac, and Antony Joseph, Spectroscopy of High-Intensity Bremsstrahlung Using Compton Recoiled Electrons, Nuclear Science and Enginering 94, 207 (2020).
  8. Ibrahim, RV Salma, M. M. Musthafa, K. M. Abdurahman, and M. Aslam, Trace elemental fingerprinting of Ayurvedic medicine-Triphala Churna using XRF and ICPMS, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry323, 1405 (2020).
  9. Salma Ibrahim, M Aslam and M M Musthafa, Trace elemental fingerprinting of selected herbs used in Ayurveda using XRF and ICPMS, Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 8(3), 3429 (2019).
  10. K. R. Rajesh, M. M. Musthafa, Hridya Raj, Naiby Joseph, R. Ganapathi Raman, A Comparative Study of Photo-Neutron Production from Flattened and Unflattened Beams in a Medical Linear Accelerator, Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development 10, 393 (2019).
  11. Cyriac Swapna Lilly, Bindhu B., Midhun C. V., Musthafa M. M., and Raman R. Ganapathi, The estimation of radiation induced damages on nano-structured nuclear radiation detectors, AIP Conference Proceedings 2100(1), 020088 (2019). 

Research Group:

PhD Students

  1. Silpa P
  2. Hajara K
  3. Midhun C V
  4. Shaima Akbar
  5. Fathima Shirin Shana
  6. Gokuldas H
  7. Resmi K. Bharatan

Mphil Students

  1. Jithu P
  2. Athira K

PhD Awarded:

  1. Muhammed Shan P T, Investigation of the dependence of isomeric cross section ratio on various reaction parameters (2021)
  2. Rajesh K K, Study of Nuclear reactions induced by light and heavy ions at low and medium energies (2020)
  3. Mohamed Aslam P, Effect of Radiation on Electronic Devices (2018)
  4. Ramya P,  Study of stellar streams in the Galaxy (2015) 
  5. Satheesh B, Study of nuclear reactions induced by proton and alpha particles at low and medium energies (2012)
  6. Sajeev thomas, Optimization of quality of images in Stereotactic Radio-surgery procedures (2012)
  7. A. K. Abdul Gafore, Optical and Dielectrical Studies on Heavy ions (Sm3+, Nd3+) and silver ion doped nanotitania (2012)

Mphil Awarded:

  1. Aswathi Radhakrishnan, Analysis of study of isomeric cross section ratio for the prodiction of 116In and 118In iaotopes throgh various channels (2019)
  2. Bhagyasree G S, A study of photonuclear cross-section of 93Nb(g,n)92Nb reaction and covaience analysis (2018)
  3. Rubeena P,  Application of XRF for elemental analysis in Nisha kadakadi (2014)
  4. Basitha Hasan O.K, Study of excitation function and isomeric cross section ratio for 197Hg and 196Au produced through various channels  (2013)
  5. Najumunnisa T, Study on isomeric population in some nuclear reactions in medium mass nuclei   (2011)
  6. Jesna Ramdas, Study of isomeric cross section ratio for production of isomeric pair 89,90Y produced through various channels (2010)
  7. Durga E P, Dosimetric characterisationof photon beam from a medical linear accelerator (2010)
  8. Ramya I B, Study of proton induced reactions on 197Au in the energy range 4-20 MeV (2009)
  9. Satheesh B, Space radiation effect on electronic components (2008)
  10. Krishna Kumar P V, Measurement of absorption coefficient of gamma for different wood samples at different gamma energies and determination of the water content (2006)
  11. Ramachandran T, Study of Refractive index variation with temperature using automated interferometric technique (2006)
  12. Reshmi Prabhakaran. P,  Gamma ray build up factor studies and its dependence on various factors. (2005)
  13. Isaac S I, Study of Gamma attenuation Coefficients on low cst house construction  materials at different gamma energies. (2004)
  14. E. K. Mahindran Topic: Fast Fourier transform of frequencies of vowels in English Language (2001)

Research projects undertaken (Recent):

  1. Pre-equilibrium neutron emission at high excitation energies and validation with nuclear reaction models - Inter University Accelerator Facilty, New Delhi. Grant Amount - Rs. 9,75,000,    Duration: April 2021-March 2024.

  1. Measurement Analysis, evaluation and compilation of Nuclear reaction data at low and medium energies - Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences- Department of Atomic Energy, Govt of India. Grant Amount: Rs.  44,70,050, Duration: April 2018 – March 2022.

  1. Investigation of the dependence of isomeric cross section ratio on various factors - UGC-DAE-Consortium for Scientific Research, Govt. of India, Kolkata Centre. Grant Amount: Rs. 8,50,536, Duration: May 2014 – May 2018.

Invited Talks presented in National/International Conference 

  1. Meet the Alumnus: Exploring the vista of Physics, Alumni webinar series, department of Physics, MES Ponani College, Kerala 27.10.2020.
  2. Webinar on Radiation Hazards, protection and Safety, Malabar College of Engineering, Desamangala, Kerala,10.06.2020.
  3. Centenary  national conference on "Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions", 2-4 March 2020, Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
  4. IInternational Symposium on New Frontiers in Nuclear Physics, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, UP., India October 13-17 2019.
  5. Science: yesterday-today-tomorrow, Department of Physics, Ansar Arts & Science College, Perumpilavu 05, 10,2018.


  • S.V.Suryanarayana, S.Santra,Nuclear Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.
  •  K C Jagadeesan, Radiopharmasseutical Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.
  •  Sandeep S Ghugre, UGC-DAE CSR Kolkatta Centre, Kolkatta.
  •  Madhavan N, HYRA group, Inter University Accelerator Facility, New Delhi.
  • Sugathan P, NAND Group, Inter University Accelerator Facility, New Delhi.
  • Sajeev S, Radiotherapy Division, Kerala Institute of Medical Science, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Radiotherapy group, Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery.

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